Day 127: not so fond of chick flicks…

Last night got all cosy for a night in and took advantage of the fact Joel was at work and I could watch a chick flick without him complaining… it was 27 dresses… and I’ve discovered that really I can’t even watch that many chick flicks without complaining – even on my own. Predictable, same story line thats been done TOO many times, totally totally cheesy- and only mildly heartwarming… the last 5 mins were ok I suppose. BUT here’s the good bit… I had it because… I signed into, they said £18 if you sign up for a 2 week free trial with Lovefilm. You have to put 10 films on your list and be sent one to qualify. If you cancel after 2 weeks or after your second film (which I’m hoping will be Coco Chanel) then its completely free – but I get £18 paid strait into my bank in a month or so. Good one!

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