Day 125: Missing it…

… today is the first day I feel like I’m actually now missing buying clothes… I lasted the Christmas season… fairly hard, Christmas sales… fairly difficult and I just had to tell myself I can get some bargains next year… but yesterday I fell into the trap of looking for some good offers for presents and things online…I must have been bored as somehow I have managed to end up on websites such as boden of all places and now am actually upset over a pair of pjyamas. Not that I’ve seen a particluar pair or anything… but I’m notoriously bad at buying pjyamas and mine are all tatty. I can’t justify them for stage wear so there’s just no chance…I’ll have to do without and add it to the very long list… but I mainly can’t believe of all things my lowpoint of this clothing fast so far has been over some middle class pjyamas 😦


  1. not PJ related but i keep meaning to ask what rate of interest you are paying on the credit card, cos there are loads of deals out there where companies will give you 0 % interest for a year if you transfer your debt to them where you are probably paying typically APR 18.9 % on most credit cards.
    i was reminded to ask you today cos of a Martin Lewis email with some links to current best deals for transferring debt to them- worth a look.
    this is the link and ive copied the article, but to follow any links will need to go the page :
    Cut Credit Card Costs In 4 Steps: Jan Debt Special
    Save £100s. Lower interest rates, repay the costliest first & free help if needed
    The first January special is tackling credit card debts…1. Shuffle! Don't assume you need new credit, many cards allow existing customers to shift other debts to them cheaply, protecting your credit score, see the full Credit Card Shuffle guide & video. 2. Top 0% deals. Balance transfers let new cardholders shift debt to cheaper rates. Top 0% Deal: new Virgin* customers get 16mths 0% for a 2.98% fee (then it jumps to 18.6% APR), next best is 15 mths 0% with 2.9% fee for existing current bank customers of RBS*, HSBC*, NatWest* (all then 16.9% APR). Long Term Deals: if you need longer to repay, Barclaycard's Simplicity* offers 6.8% for life, meaning it lasts until all the debt shifted's been repaid. More info & options in the full Best Balance Transfers guide. Step 3. Repay highest interest first. Put all spare cash to repaying the card with the highest rate first, just pay the minimum on everything else, this'll clear your debts more quickly. 4. Free debt crisis help. If you can't even afford the minimums, go to a non-profit free debt counsellor asap, see the Guide: Debt Crisis Help Related: Cheap Loans, Credit Checks, Fight Rate Jacking


  2. Thanks Charlie – and yeah we are on 0%ers already… which is why I went in to tackle the overdraft first… these are all pretty much 'still' debt but it would be amazing not to have to pay out all the minimum payments every month when they're finally gone!


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