Day 123: Writers block…

… I feel like I’m back at school – I have an article to write – relatively easy and strait forward – its a great opportunity – it’s all stuff I know how to write -I just feel a bit stuck… maybe- a bit- its challenging my motivation…
For the past few months I’ve been trying to make the money thing work… I’m not greedy about it but I’m trying to make things balance, get out of debt, get to a place where the money in this house works and we are not always in financial trouble. This has meant I’ve been obviously happy when we’ve had work in that pays something and we’ve needed to work hard to bring in bookings and projects which are payers rather than ones that are not – Both Beth and I have bills and rent/mortgage that needs to be paid – fact. It also has meant that now having been asked an article about the nature of our work and the reasons for what we do I’ve had to jolt my head out of making ends meets and right back into the reason I do what I do… its not too hard – I’m totally committed to the reason I do my job. I have a degree, I’m intelligent, I’d be able to earn a good salary in a proper job… I chose to do a job that didn’t exist and build something new -because I saw value in it – so actually the very fact that I struggle with money is a constant reminder of how much I believe in what I do… so that can’t be it…I think I’m just having creative block.

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