Day 121: Tomorrow…

… so the new year has started… we’ve just got back from a round trip to Manchester and Ipswich… seeing 4 old friends, 1 new baby, 2 new baby bumps, 2 new grown up editions to our family and the same old ones we knew already, 3 cousins and a new darts board which we played on for far too long last night with a never ending game of killer with 3 competitive brothers involved! Also 5 rounds of the blockbusters board game complete with very 80’s questions that we knew very little about… all fun.
So back to routine in the morning… and eager as ever to crack on with debt attack…perhaps with a little planned out detour to currys to check out some dishwashers… we may well just buy ourselves a new one… a nice one, shiny, from a real shop, with warranty and one that will work… It will totally set us back a bit but may also be a better and wiser choice than half the price on an ebay one where half the cost goes on petrol anyway… eeeeek is that wrong??!!


  1. hey, i think its fine to buy a dishwasher. i know some people consider one a luxury and maybe if there are only 2 of you it is but when you are a family and busy you waste so much time washing and drying and it is worse for the environment in terms of water used. we had 6 months without a dishwasher when we moved house as we had a built in one in previous house and so had to leave it behind and had no money to buy one, but thankfully eventually my amazing parents felt sorry for me and bought us one and i can't tell you how excited i was! i know my philosophy is if its not your money you shouldn't buy anything that you don't need to survive until your debt is paid off, but i think this is kind of an exception as it is kind of a necessity in my opinion and yeah it will set you back a bit, but maybe just be extra tight on other things for a few months or set yourself a target that you have to do in order to buy it-like list a certain number of things on ebay, make a certain number of cards and something for Joel as i don't mean for it just to be your responsibility( i don't mean enough to cover the cost of the dishwasher, but just motivating yourself to do those things)


  2. Good idea… yeah I do want to be aware of having to pay for it – not just sticking it on a card and not giving it a second thought… so yes I should do something like that… we can pay for half of it from an article Joel has just been payed for anyway… so just the other half which will come out of this months money somehow but we'll committ to raising to cover! But ITS AMAZING TO HAVE ONE AGAIN!!


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