Day 120: The limit

I really reached my limit today… The downside to working madly over the past month to make creative presents to stimulate my children’s development is that now I have the constant ‘can we make this?’ ‘can we do baking?’ ‘can we sew this?’ ‘can we make stickers?’ and all I seem to say is ‘come and put this away before you start something new…’ However this morning was the aftermath from a trip to Ikea… one nights neglected dishes, undone ironing pile, and the usual non bin collection build up- overflowing wrapping paper heaps and I couldn’t get anything done… The hallway was blocked with rubbish from the bottom of the stairs to the front door and the kitchen was upsetting… I tried to remain calm but resorted to throwing the dishes in the sink…kind of hoping that if they all broke I wouldn’t have to wash them all up again. The hunt for the dishwasher has gone to a new level… freecycle is proving impossible… ebay its going to have to be!
Having had a rough start to the day Joel made all the upsetting rubbish disappear in the car and I managed to sort the craft cupboard out to make room for new things and make it all lovely, made nice ‘tacky hama bead’ decorations with both children… Elijah’s now able to do constructive activity AS WELL as ripping things up and destroying!, baked a pie with them both using 1. Elijah’s new baking set, 2. Elijah’s new baking book, 3. Our homemade jam – Feel good factor 3 on the scale!, also sorted their dressing up…which them amused them for 2 hours, had a knitting time with Holly and then they helped me make tea… home all day… no TV 🙂 ahhhhhh good day!
Tesco photo online tonight… ordering prints for some new photo frames we got with our debenhams voucher from last Christmas. I’ve used the machines in Tesco before a few times but do find it a bit stressful… especially when you’re trying to sort through the folders on your memory card while someones stood waiting behind you… much easier to do it from your sofa… and you can then collect them from the store – so you don’t have to go down, ask for an hour processing, hover around the aisles for an hour or do a slow shop, go back, they’ve forgotton to out them in, go home, come back another day… which has happened twice before. PLUS when you register online you get 40 free 6 by 4 prints.. so if you just want a few they’re just free. Cool.


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