Day 118: feeling felt

So the downside to homemade Christmas is the Joel is happily ignoring everything and sat watching a movie while I’ve been making playdough and now am sewing samples to go inside the craft kit boxes… I’ve got backache and am tired but can’t stop till Christmas time… when I’ll no doubt have to start again as the kids want help to make their new things… I am excited though… the children have one of those stacks of ikea round boxes – 3 different sizes- each filled with a different activity – Elijah homemade playdough and cutters (which include old baby milk scoops, baby spoons and junk I found in the draw), A sew a tiger kit and a kits of different coloured felts, googly eyes and pipe cleaners. Holly has a knitting and french knitting kit, A hearts decoation kit full of heart shapes and ribbons in different felts and fabrics and a kit full of bits and pieces for when she makes things out of her usborne ‘make and do’ books. Mulled wine and quality streets are keeping me going… got a tonne of food prep tomorrow and we’re totally snowed in so if we dont have all we need then AAAAGH!

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