Day 117: Santa Stickers

There should either be a ban on Santa’s promising ANYTHING or at least labels saying STINGY PARENT that you can wear when you go in to visit so at least they are cautious with their words. I wasn’t planning to buy Elijah a CD player for Christmas… it only came up that he wanted one yesterday…and yes its made the list and I will consider it as we did buy him one last year but somehow it ended up in Holly’s room when hers broke… so to some extent fair’s fair.

Today we went to a lovely nativity… in Totley Hall farm… live animals so the kids dressed up and were part of the nativity story, then they were allowed to hold the little bleating baby lamb (awww) and ride the donkey. Then they had the biscuits and juice while we got hot mulled wine and hot mince pies… of course mulled wine is hot anyway… but when you’re stood in a cold barn in a farm on the 22nd Dec the ‘hot’ bit is what really matters right then… it was lovely. We then got to visit Father Christmas’ room… which was a long wait but because this Father Christmas actually spends about 20 minutes chatting to each child…which is really nice… but his error in my opinion was when he asked Elijah if he wanted his CD player leaving under the tree or in his stocking…hmmmm… another trip to the shops for me then!

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