Day 116: A few days of panic

Sorry- I’ve totally got out of the habit of using my computer after my 2 week break from it – which is nice in a way but I keep forgetting to blog. Its quite a scary money time too – I’ve finally got a cheque to cover some work expenses which have depressingly had to go back onto my cleared overdraft 😦 but tomorrow hopefully that cheque will clear and I can wipe that strait off my clean achievement! So the preparation for the craft- non commercial Christmas is quite exciting… though I still have LOADS to do and I’m feeling a slight stress – which is unlike me at Christmas time. The only stress I normally feel is the worry that I’m missing something when everyone seems to say ‘are you ready?’ in a nervous way… I don’t get it… why wouldn’t you be ready? Is there something I’m missing that I should have done?
But what I’m looking forward to… after enjoying being a bit Christmas focused, slightly generous and spendy… (tonight we had someone round and had one of those BIG quality street tins in the cupboard that we bought ourselves for having people over… we’ve never done that before! ) is that after the next couple of weeks I can really start working at the cards again. Its going to be brutal!

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