Day 115: Its back!

Hurray! The laptop is back… having said that its not a long post, I’m on the dodgy home PC as the laptop is already packed up for work tommorrow and its a late one. Its midnight and I’m getting a million baggs ready for tommorrow… 3 class teachers presents, book bag child 1, book bag child 2, pack lunch, ballet bag, car seat to give to Cara who takes her to dancing, and the latest thing… which I have just been out buying at 10pm… trainers… Holly (in her princess dress as it was Christmas party dress up today) told me at tea time that she goes to ball skills on a friday lunch time… but has been told she cant go again till she has some trainers… poor thing hasn’t told me anything about it till now… and I’m quite surprised that she goes… none of her friends do, she hates anything boyish and isnt very sporty at all… but off she’s been going on a Friday lunch time to ball skills! She now is the proud owner of a shiny new pair of trainers (Clarks sale is on now – get in before the last day of school holiday nightmare!)
I shall put them by her bed so she gets a nice surprise in the morning – funny little girl!

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