Day 114: Smashing into Christmas

… we’re heading towards Christmas fast and just about still holding on… I’m hoping some work expenses will be with me soon which will help out tonnes and praise God for the child benefit ariving today to get us out of an over the overdraft problem! Still little things are helping… I need to get creative with the kids presents as I have loads of ideas – none fo which have materialised as yet and not much time… I’m in the sort of predicament whereby I am likely to get scared, flip and spend a fortune just so they have something to open. However everything else is sorted… not the food budget but homemade teacher pressies on their way in this week and mostly I’ve bought for everyone else!
Thanks Charlie for the code for littlewoods website… ZG011 gets you £15 of your order at the till and free deliery on everything too… thats great… family board game – my main indulgence in terms of cost this year has been sorted by that!
I was proud of my gorgeous boy today as a Shepherd in his nursery nativity… and I found a quid on the floor today too 🙂 good times!

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