Day 113: Old Coats

Grabbing an opportunity to write this while Joel puts the kids to bed… I’m STILL witing to hear about the laptop and am losing my vision of how glossy and magical apple is. I DID expect one of the floaty apple angels with chip and pin necklace accessory would have simply zapped it and mended it in an instant – so 7-10 working days is a bit boring an ordinary and its quite frustrating now.
So in the mean time I can’t especially check balances… so the up side of my 100 day stretching out for my clear the debt target is that I have a little longer as I’m counting the days that I actually blog… however the down side of that is that I’m also giving myself longer of my buying clothes ban!
However… 2 good things to report… yesterday I put on an old coat… getting old cosy warm things out of the cupboard… while a quick Christmas shop in town yesterday I was looking for a tissue for my snotty coldy nose and I found a tenner in my pocket! Always a treat!
Also yesterday I started thinking of what it means to be elongating my clothes ban… and decided I would be able to last a few more days without being able to get some silver earrings. On realising that they were all I was really feeling desperate for I thought 2 things… 1. Its not so bad if thats all I’m feeling in lack of 2. I should really write a list of what I really feel I’ll need when the time is up – which will save any impulse buying… BUT today I pulled out another old coat… hand in pocket…SILVER EARRINGS! YAY!

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