Day 112: Waiting waiting waiting

and I am still waiting. Apple still have my laptop and can’t tell me anything about it yet. I tried and did my best to persuade them to find out for me as I’m a bit stuck with both work and 50% of my life without it – but quite enjoying life with no computer to some extent. I managed to spend the day in the office today with just about enough to do to up until the girls course.
Money wise the realisation has hit me this week that it’s Christmas, and though fighting commercialism is still on the agenda – (no HSM or Hannah Montana under the tree this year!) I have come to the realisation that I don’t want to be stingy. This Christmas may be full of homemade craft kits which I am really excited by… but when we stood in church struggling to decide if we could afford to fill a hamper for a struggling family, and when mum and dad are faced with needing to cook a Christmas dinner 2 days in a row… I don’t want to be the sort of person who tries to wriggle out of those things to save money… basically if I don’t spend it – someone else has to and I still believe in sharing… so we’re filling a hamper – as generously as we can, have done shoe boxes and TEAM TOOMBS are cooking the Christmas dinner…!
So I was happy to submit my wages today… for a fairly decent amount – well enough to cover the Christmas dinner, a few pressies and a bit for the credit card… which is good 🙂
If I can get onto it we’ll have an update later… no idea where we’re up to!

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