Day 108: Ooooops

I’m proud of my mum… she has recently learned knitting! She’s never been able to do it before and when I wanted to learn I had to learn from Joel’s mum when she’s in the UK rather than Africa… so whenever I’ve had a problem I’ve had to wait for her annual trip over here…
So having decided we’re not having any Christmas presents I was happy see mum knitting me a nice hat and scarf set for a present for me… until that is I asked how she was making the scarf and she said I could have a go on it as it was only half done. I then did a few rows, made it look terrible, messed up the stitches and it looked all wonky… so its now back to life as a ball of wool 😦 might have just done myself out of a present after all.
On money news I’m fairly excited that this week we should clear some debt… pay day tomorrow maybe and time to eradicate the baby credit card!

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