Day 107: Weird new shoes…?

So after planning on the A6 last night that I was going to get home, eat a meal and then sleep for a long time..I then found a text from Joel when I got in my front door saying I could sleep in if I wanted and he’d got free Woolworths ‘movies for juniors’ tickets for Monsters vs Aliens at 10 in the morning… well – when I’ve not seen my kids since 8 that morning when they trundled off to school and nursery how could I miss out on that treat with them… so off we went via Tesco for a cheeky ‘sneak in your own’ pic and mix… Eclairs (joels fave) and Jelly Babies (kids faves) were both half price – everyone’s happy! Slightly scary film, stuffed with sweets, car games and home to make dens out of blankets downstairs.
So on arriving home I found something odd in my post… 2 sets of vouchers for a clothes shop… like a duplicate mail out type thing – and definately from the store – not like a gift voucher from someone else and I have no idea why and its for quite a bit of money… like it must be a mistake???? I’m really quite confused but its not like there’s any way of querying it… they just arrived through my door!
So being on my clothes fast it would be a little weird to go out and buy loads of new clothes just cos they’re free – somehow that would just be cheating what I need to learn from what I’m doing but it does come at quite a timely …um…time. Beth and I have just been given a small percentage of what we need for stagewear.. which has been great and allows us to get one of two things for gig clothes… but not enough for all we’d need. For example I need a really good sturdy pair of heels for stage – something I can dance and jump around in without doing that uncomfortable wobbly heels thing and feel like I’m constantly going to fall over… I found some amazing ones that looked great and were really stable and comfy… but when I looked at the price label …£70… just couldn’t do it – even dividing out cost per wear brought it down a lot and I would rather spend that on shoes that I would be able to wear loads than on a few pairs that are all £20 but aren’t comfy enough and get stuffed to the back of the wardrobe… but spending the outlay of £70 is just un-justifyable as an option with my own money and even with our clothing budget it would practically wipe that out – so I’ve done without. BUT if they’re kind of free! That’s both AMAZING and BRILLIANT!
It feels a little too good to be true and I keep reading all the small print looking for the part that says ‘these vouchers are just a joke – unlucky!’ but so far they might be real!

PS. the shoe picture is more in keeping with the theme of weird shoes and not the stable ones I talk of… I would be a disaster in those and they look a bit like an Egyptain headdress… which wouldn’t really go with much else I own.

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