Day 105: Thank you…

… yes thank you for all the encouragement. Its great to hear that people think we can do it… and it makes me feel more excited about doing it too when I hear that… thanks for the link to the Christmas present article…It was good to read that coming from someone else… I think I’d already thought some of that before but thought I was stingy for thinking it so having a link and knowing someone else agrees helps me feel less scroogy… I totally love buying for people when I know they’d love it or that I’d be getting them something they really need… but hate that token gift buying of stuff for the sake of it… I’ve already made a few bits and pieces in my preperation for Christmas and will incorporate more into that.
On the clothing issue I realise I haven’t updated news on that for ages but 1. in terms of wearing something different everyday till I run out… I’ve run out… a couple of weeks ago… whenever I last updated it… so no scope for anything different for many many days… but I’m doing ok and am still enjoying the joy of window shopping!
2. In terms of gig clothes… I’m going to need to raid the wardrobe for something different for the Liverpool gig tomorrow night as I’ve worn the same for too many gigs in a row now! But great news is that today part of a clothing budget has been agreed as part of tour expenses so I get somethings bought for me! Hurrah – that’s just brilliant! I’ve been enjoying scouring the internet for crazy cool stagy dresses!

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