Day 104: Envisioning night

(my little baby girl 2 Christmas’ ago… this year I need to make her a Mary costume for her school nativity… well done my girlie for being chosen!!)

Had to call in an envisioning night to get a meeting in with Joel… he has spared me 10 mins before kick off of the Man U v Turkey game… he’s getting there slowly…
So we had paper and pens to brainstorm strategy ideas for each of the monsters… Good news is that we reckon baby monster will be eliminated in about 2 days time when pay day arrives.
Mummy monster is going to take all our strength… for that one we have 1 cheque from Joel’s parents, my estimated earnings next month, Joel’s pay from an article thats due, ALL our child tax credit for the next 3 months and my earnings from the GoldDigger tour between Jan and March… IF its totally booked up! (which also takes us over the 100 days) so we need lots of back up strategy too… Ebay is a good one too… so I’m optimistic about getting Mummy Monster… but then Christmas is also coming up… we’ve decided not to do presents… I’m feeling ok about that… but I am really worried that I’ll feel really sad about that on Christmas day… and because we’re not getting much for the kids either I don’t want to ruin Christmas! The kids are not going deprived… they’ll get a few things but they also were told in the summer that their playhouse was for Christmas as well… and to be good parents we kind of have a responsibility to stick to that… all Holly’s friends are getting DS’s… she’d like one but she’s 5 and I’m not ready to lose her to a little pink hand held box – she should play with real things instead! So its crafts and games for those 2 this year… Christmas wouldn’t be right without a family board game!
So the rest of the Christmas budget I’m slightly worried about but then I can thank myself for being uber-prepared – I bought new lights and decorations last year, a wreath for the door in the January sales and all my wrapping paper and cards last year… I haven’t even lost it all – its all labelled, boxed and ready to come out of the loft on Tue ready! Normally I buy it all in the January sales, box it and lose it up there – if we ever sort the loft out I could probably open one of those seasonal Christmas shops! But I’ve also started my shopping ages ago and haven’t got much more to do… I did want some GHD’s… but having said no presents Joel had the idea that we might be able still to fix my old ones… its a loose connection and would need welding well… but even if we paid an old man in a hardware shop a tenner that’d be great… and he can wrap them up for me and I’ll be happy!



  1. thats good planning Mand welldone. We did no Christmas or bday presents the last 2 years unless it was free and made, and only £15 on Max and £15 on Milly, i think thats a good decision i was reading Martin Lewis blog last week about how christmas present buying puts pressure on people to buy for people when they can't afford it and i completely agree with him. i'll see if i can see the link, here it is : oh it wont let me put it in i'll send it you in a fb message.


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