Day 102: Balancing 7 balances

Yes… it is 7 balances we’ve needed to look at to work out where we’re up to… off I go today to clear one of those completely and ask for it to be shut down and then we tackle the rest!

So good news is Joel’s in! He just doesn’t seem as gung-ho as I’d like him to be at this stage… like I don’t really need a team mate who says on day 1 ‘I don’t think we’ll do it you know’… but he just needs a bit of training thats all … anyway he’s gone off to London today to see his parents again before they fly back off to Africa and to collect their car as out of all the Toombs children they decided we needed it most – which is good – we’ve spent more on petrol by far having to share 1 car and its a legistical nightmare… since the insurance is all paid for its a massive help and not much cost to us. While Joel sits on megabus with his £5 ticket to London he’s cracking on with his book and then spending some of today at the history museum… so I’ve helpfully given him the motivational speech as I waved him off that if he finishes off and we can get it on the shelves of WHSmiths within the next 100 days then that will contribute to the project.
So the bad news which accompanies that good news is that its not just one monster we face but a nice little family of three. Daddy monster weighs in at £5547.83 D, Mummy is a slighter £1,955.22 D and baby monster a tiny £96.74 D. Baby monster we reckon we can have in one sweep… but nevertheless the total we’re dealing with is £7,599.79 D eeeeeeeeeeeek! Which actually takes us to 5 times what I have just paid off :[ STILL… no point backing down now… may as well aim high!… and off we go!


  1. Congratulations on staring your monsters in the face and naming them for what they are – that has to be a huge first step in overcoming them! I believe in Team Toombs – you can do it


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