Room 101

So even though I actually haven’t banked the cheque my heads already leaping over that and onto the next stage… THE BIG MONSTER
Ok so I’m about to introduce you to the monster…his name is MR TESCO CARD and he’s made up of about 50% petrol and 50% work expenses that are bought by him-we claim back from work – but need the money to get through the month – so never transfer them over and MR TESCO CARD just grows and grows until he’s as big and strong as he is today! I don’t even know how much is on this card but last time it was around 6,000 and I’m pretty sure its grown since :S
Well… here are some more facts
1. I have spent on this card no more than 3 times
2. Yes I have used the petrol it has paid for
3. Joel has used it every other time
4. Joel thinks that me and him don’t have enough shared interests any more… that our work time has become really separate recently and we don’t have much time together just cos of pressures of working and family life.
5. Joel very much appreciates my attitude in committing to pay off my overdraft and thinks its great but has been heard to say ‘that’s cos you’re only interested in paying off your overdraft’ and things like that in the same tone as he would use if I bought a new dress… meaning he thinks I’m obsessed with the novelty of something… which is totally true… I’ve paid off my overdraft because it has been fun to do so! An interest shall we say?
So I propose to Mr Toombs that he shares an interest with me in embarking on putting MR TESCO CARD Monster in Room 101, project embarking on day 101 of my blog…
You in?
Here are the sums…
Mandy + a few bits of wages, some cut backs and a lot of motivation = 1,500 in 100 days
Therefore… it should take 400 days for me to get through 6,000… TOO LONG! Thats more than a year 😦

(Mandy – gym membership now)+ (Joel – needing a bacon sandwich from the cafe every time he goes to B&Q) = TEAM TOOMBS – THE INDESTRUCTABLE POWER MONSTER DEFEATER
Thats GOT to be 4 times the power of a normal human (even though we’re pooling from the same pot of money so technically won’t have any more to draw on) Lets go for … 100 days?
6,0000 in 100 days YAAAAAAAR thats loads and totally unachievable surely but it seems boring to aim for any less…

Woops …I’m late for lunch at mum and dads…



  1. yey!!!! welldone Mand on clearing your overdraft, FANTASTIC!!! Yeah i think Joel needs to get on board with the credit card if you're gonna crack that but i'm sure you can do it,if you've saved £1,500 in 100 days. How about joel shifts his gym membership to a council £20 a month membership hey??


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