Day 97: Not another one…

… yes apparently another appliance has given up on us… our trusty breadmaker made us a lump of solid flour today which is a bit annoying when you’ve got a packed lunch to be ready in 5 mins before the school run and there’s nothing else in the house… pasta and ‘a bit late’ to the rescue!
So on one level I’m not so surprised that it’s had it. 6 years ago my mum bought a new breadmaker as hers was broken… as collectors of items out of skips and all things broken that our friends were throwing out we asked could we please have the old broken one then?… it needed to be weighed down with a soup bowl containing a cooked tin of condensed milk for half of the cycle and then removed in time for the bread to rise without it having a bowl shaped indent in it. That was everytime we made bread for 2 years and then just seemed to fix itself… so thats 5 years of use for our main source of all bread out of an old ‘broken’ breadmaker… On the other hand thats saved us loads of money and made us loads of healthy bread with real ingredients and no rubbish in… 😦 Ugh AGAIN!
On the plus side … hairdressers today… on birthday vouchers… good haircut, GHD’s – which are always a treat since mine broke and a nice afternoon even with Elijah with me after a trip to Fancies for cupcakes… happy times 🙂


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