Day 96: Taking on another challenge…

…as if I haven’t taken on enough already! Well now I have taken on writing the GoldDigger supporters blog… something that Rach was doing but since she’s left 😦 it goes to me :S so there’s where I’ll be writing for supporters and well wishers and intersteders of the work GoldDigger are doing … and how all the ‘behind the scenes’ things are going. I’m hoping to write really regularly on that though I’m not sure I like having the responsibility to write 2 blogs a day… will see how it goes!
Freed up our child benefit money again today though… which takes me to a wonderful £112.21 D – woooo hooooo! Good news… though I did have a random though one night this week that I should make day 100 a notable post… 4 days to go… would I be able to make that?? the FINAL payoff? um… not sure about that :S

oooh the supporters page link is HERERERERERRE


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