Day 93: Not really missing it yet

… shopping that is. Joel accused me of torturing myself when he saw me looking at Top earlier today… truth is I love looking at clothes… truth also is that I enjoy that and don’t actually buy much… so – so far I’ve not found my shopping fast too difficult. I even spent the day in town… on my own… perfect opportunity to be tempted by lovely things. I took Holly in for the penultimate show this afternoon and stayed in town to collect her, whizz her back for a quick tea and back again for the last show tonight. (I left my camera with them all tonight and have some great shots of them all… here’s Holly pretending to beg for food in the dressing room) I did some shoe box shopping and got a few things for the children who have both recently decided to grow… but though I do sometimes see things I would like… so far all I’ve needed to do is remember that I can’t have them, which then makes me realise I probably don’t need them as my head seems to want to argue with the situation… but it doesn’t have a good case so it just gives up. That can’t be a bad thing. This week I’m hoping to sort out some expenses due in and get up to date with the budget… I’m going to say my target for this time next week is to be down to £100 D… not sure how but I may as well try… hang on if I may as well try I’ll go for £50 D… here we go!!!

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