Day 90: Such a proud mum!

I’ve seen her – twice! So proud… last night I had the amazingly stressful job of chaperoning the 10 children chosen to be in a Christmas Carol – but included in the 10 hours of thinking of games for bored children, finding and organising their 5 layers of costumes and splodging them in muddy facepaints, I had the amazing privilidge of watching their scenes from the wings of the stage at the Lyceum. I had a moment as they skipped on in the first scene where it struck me that wardrobe had been that afternoon to assign costumes but since the children had come back after they had gone home after the technical rehearsal and come back after their tea the job of costumes and remuddifying the girls was left entirely to me… if someone had still got their socks on, or their hair too tidy, or their dress on wrong – it would have been my fault and no one checked my preparation! However, I looked after them well and it was amazing to see them all. Tonight I watched from a seat in the stalls and having spent all yesterday with them all I’d unfortunately not just got one to be proud of anymore and ended up crying and emotional whenever any of them did anything! It was an amazing production… sorry to the lady sat next to me who got an earful of ‘thats my daughter, that one, there she is, the 3rd one from the end, the littlest one, there on the step now, oh no she’s crying, she’s only 5 you know, she’s the youngest one’ all night.
The expensive side of todays experience is that now I am determined to let Elijah go to ballet too!
Here… we sneaked an illegal picture! She’s the little one at the bottom of the steps on the left – near the lady with the blue coat!! No, you can’t see her ever-so well but we are still very proud!

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