Day 86: A long way

Today consisted of going to Essex, being in Essex and coming back from Essex. I didn’t spend any money – apart from I owe Beth for a Lucozade. Was treated to chips by the sea by Rachel’s dad who was our chauffer today! and had a great time being at and performing at Radiate which is a youth event down there.
It was Rachel’s actual last gig with GoldDigger… which was a weird thought throughout the day… very surreal – especially being in an environment where that didn’t really mean anything to anyone else as we were new to them. She has already flown off back over to Teneriffe where she’s spending some time over in The Living Room and the stuff she’s been doing sounds amazing… my only criticism is that she should blog more about it! A strange and emotional day.

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  1. i'm commenting on all of these… AS IF you owe me for a lucozade, ha, think i can shout you that one!!
    It's weird, still hasn't sunk in to me yet. i'm a bit of a late learner i think.


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