Day 85: Backdating…

… after a couple of long days its now sunday so I’m backdating a little here… however by doing that I have more insight into what I got out of those days!

Friday we had a gig at the Lantern Theatre… supposedly I’ll get some sort of payment for that but the trouble with going for a quirky and very cool little venue is that not enough people can fit it to make you any money back for it… but is still quite a lot of fun and the dressing rooms there are like an adventure all of their own… you never know what treasures you might find in there!
We’d spend the day practicing for the gig that night after this one… which feels a bit confusing… so it was nice to get down there and just think about that night. It was our last acoustic gig with Rachel and really nice that Claire – who used to be in GoldDigger came to watch it – for the first time since she’d left actually so it was a really lovely send of for Rach and nice that her family could be there too.
So I managed- thanks to Rob and Anna to come by a free kettle! so the cups of tea are covered… washing up is still a problem but I noticed when I looked on facebook I also seem to have come across a free, unbeknown to me, bath in fakebake or something…

What exactly has happened to my face??? Not that I’m saying I’ve not been prone to a little fake tan from time to time… but looking like that would have been a bad ‘better stay in today then and hide’ day and I haven’t been anywhere near any! Why, when I logged into facebook this morning was there a message from Beth kindly informing me I was Katie Price orange? Check this one…

Free tango apparently!

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  1. ha, sounds like i was being majorly harsh when i wasn't… i just thought it was funny that on some of the pics, you seem to have been caught in some orange lighting… and that i was white glowing… i'll take the free tan anyday! 🙂


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