Day 82: Dishwasher

Lets just all pray for my dishwasher… it has decided to thrown the dishwasher tablet into a heap at the bottom of the washer and not clean the pots. It doesn’t seem to want a new one… its just having a strop… its currently flashing its little angry light and is reminding me of the day I’ve spent with a similar tempered 3 year old… Crisps won’t help this machine though… not interested 😦
Our dishwasher came free with the house and it was one of the best moments ever moving in to somewhere with such an amazing service… I’ve never taken it for granted and can often be heard saying how much I appreciate it… I can’t go back now to life without it… BUT I’M SO CLOSE TO THE END OF THIS OVERDRAFT AND A NEW ONE WOULD DESTROY ALL THAT HARD WORK… please God… don’t let it be over

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