Day 77: Ikea possibilities

Aaaaah, a well deserved cup of tea at 8.45 and finally back from Ikea – car full of really heavy boxes I may not be able to get out ever again. Today Beth and I have bought office stuff!- having fought against all odds to find anything we could use as table legs for our new desks – since apparently the ‘students have just gone mad for them in the last few weeks and they come from China’ we managed to find an ‘A’ frame and have remembered some we can borrow from another table so that we can sit at our new desks! So I’ve realised it IS possible to go to Ikea and spend under £50. Though we spent more than that of our grant money… my personal spend was 89p x 2 for glass jars. Now I’m home I realise I have no need for them… good value as they were… but I was strong against the purple plant pot , the swirly picture frame, the novelty biscuit cutters and the cake stand. I did pretty well. Point proven.

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