Day 72: The project

Today became project day. It is essentially a positive twist on ‘lets tidy up this dump’ but instead of resorting to getting annoyed I got Holly on board with a recyling project and she wrote a list of all the things we can do this week to recycle and sort things out. The great money saving thing about this is that it enables me to have a good clear out and realise that there’s so many things I’d forgotten we have, meaning less is needed all round. Today the kids have started ‘treasure boxes’ of pictures they’ve done that they want to keep – I’m the worst at that as they draw such cute pictures and I love their artwork so much I really struggle to throw anything away and we have tonnes and tonnes of pictures! So we’ve filled the paper bin, had a clear out of felt tips and pens to get rid of the ones that have run out, got all the bottles ready for a bottle bank trip and started filling a few charity bags. The house is a tip but we had to leave it and go out to the shops and then my brothers engagement party… the project can take all of half term perhaps!
Going to the shops was fairly sucessful. I did manage to buy some Christmas cards on impulse – but … well I’m not making any excuses… they were cute and I didn’t (note I’m not saying ‘couldn’t’) resist. But I did go in Accessorize – which is my second favorite shop and I saw loads of things I wanted and didn’t get. I almost bought a little birdcage keyring which was really cute but then wondered if it counted as an accessory so I put it down again and said goodbye 😦 This year’s going to be tough but I’m pretty sure I CAN do it.

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  1. i meant to comment on another post about a week ago when you were feeling rubbish about lack of money but never got round to it….anyway all i wanted to say was just to try and remember that part of the reason you are struggling money wise is cos so much of what joel or you are getting is being plowed straight in to your overdraft. so although that doesn't make the every day living very easy at the moment, try and hold on to the fact that you have paid off about £1200 of debt in 70 days and imagine if you had that money in your normal account rather than paying off overdraft then you wouldn't have been struggling…so all i am trying to say is it may feel really disheartening that you are budgeting more than ever and being more careful than normal etc and not having treats etc andyou actually feel like you have less money than you normally would before you started this, but in reality you do its just going in to getting out of debt rather than being sat there for general use. So don't feel like this is what life will always be like in terms of struggling for basics etc cos yes it is probs going to be like this for quite bit longer as you move on to the credit cards etc but that once you have cleared all the debt you will potentially have that £1200 from 70 day that you can split up in to normal budget life and enjoy treats again but with your money not the banks. Well done Mand, keep going i know its horrid to not be able to do normal things like have coffee with friends etc that everyone does without thinking we have been like that for a couple of years but there is light at the end of the tunnel. i don't know how to come up as char rather than info by the way!


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