Day 71: Back to square 1

Well I’m not really back to square 1 … I’m on a different game board now since last time Joel went away and I had creative thinking to do… its half term – I’m still at work for some of this week but at the moment Joel is away and I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with my gorgeous children. I’d love to take them out and do some crazy fun things without watching the budget but I think we’ll plan a few nice things for Christmas time and I’m happy to settle for being grateful that they are such content little beans without needing lots spent on them. The thing they most want to do this holiday is go to Cocoa together. So thats a civilised thing for a 3 and 5 year old to choose … which happens to be the place I chose to go for my 30th! Cocoa is a gorgeous little chocolate shop…the prettiest shop you can imagine full of sweets and gorgeous boxes and posh chocolates, ribbons and loads of vintage things to make your house smile. The back room is a quaint little tea room with a billion things to look at so its hard to ever leave cos you feel you might miss something and upstairs is their butterfly room where the room is covered in butterflies and full of cushions and the hot chocolate is amazing….just like a cup of chocolate that is hot!… Joel isn’t so excited by it all but I am and Holly and Elijah love it and love making friends with everyone who’s gone in there for a quiet chat and they also love the vintage fisher price tea pot they can play with. I also love it there as I totally don’t think they charge enough – all of the things the sell that I’ve seen somewhere else are cheaper in Cocoa and that makes me want to buy it all from them. Back in July when Holly broke up from being in reception I was daunted that I needed to buy 5 presents for class teachers – in the good old days we had 1, right? So I sacked off trying to find boxes of roses in the supermarket on offer and headed down to cocoa. In there I was able to openly be as tight as possible and they helped me to work out my options! I ended up with 5 sets of non ‘commercial’ and really pretty and exciting chocolates each inside a blue vintage gift box which they tied with their real ribbon each inside their own gift bag -ALL 5 for £13. To my calculations that was a £7 saving on the roses option and aprox 127 times nicer. Since this has become an endorse cocoa post I’ll put a nice link…. here!

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