Day 70: money money mnoey moeny meoony

Well I feel ridiculously monied out today – I have no idea of my own balance or financial situation – other than I think we have a bit and I spent £9 on tuck for work today… but I’ve been stock taking, cashing merch money, costing and pricing for a funding grant, cashing tuck money and trying to understand how so few teenage girls can eat quite so much haribo in such a short space of time and then followed a trustees meeting of budget balancing… and that was my 12 hour day at work today! I feel totally overwhelmed at how to make earning a living happen but overwhelming challenges seem to be the ones that are more exciting so I’m interested to see how we manage to increase our salaries column by about 6 times! It seems impossible that small charities can ever grow…How is it that some charities run based on so much personal support, business backing and have such a good profile that they just seem capable of generating income – I just can’t believe how hard it all is… however today I know I saw a y9 girl change when we talked about the way she felt about herself and the things she worried about and I was able to point out to her how she was beautiful and no matter who she was jealous of she’d always have things about her that no one else would ever have. Whether I am never salaried or not, or even out of debt or not I just wouldn’t trade the opportunity of being able to be a voice of encouragement to girls like the sort we were with today who might not hear much positive stuff from anywhere else in their lives. Yes I’m tired and emotional and I love my job and its totally all worth it.

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