Day 69: phew

Hurray for Child benefit and tax credit… I’ve been able to transfer some to use and some to my overdraft. We’ve been balancing very precariously on £24 for a few days now and thats not such a nice place to be – 1 bill or forgotten cheque is all it takes! So again being a bit inventive with our meals I’ve managed to put enough out in the kitchen tonight for us to make bangers and mash, ‘orkstra’ puddings (Elijah’s word) and peas. A fairly normal meal – unlike Joel’s attempt on Saturday with that well known ‘potato bolognese’ :S New balance news…£322.09 D !!!
Other news (Rach you’ll be pleased to hear this) having not heard anything official yet about the grant for office furniture for GoldDigger I emailed them to ask as politely as I could when we might hear – in a ‘we’re not desperate or in any rush at all’ sort of manner. The lady replied to say the cheque and letter would be sent out in the next couple of days and we’d been awarded MORE than we asked for!!! How does that work! Thats kind of unusual and unheard of but BRILL!

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