Day 68: busy bee

I can’t actually believe how busy life is at the moment – particularly work… I’ve got a billion deadlines and things to sort and I’m just waiting for a day that isn’t totally jam packed with things in it. However at 8pm this evening I prioritised a bit of ebay time and I’ve finally started on the lounge collection. That took a long time to get round too and I’ve only posted 1 thing :S
So tomorrow we’ve got a merch stall at a fundraiser – so in the morning in my office time I’ve got to finish getting all that ready, respond to a lot of emails, order some fliers, plan 4 set lists, fit in a rehearsal (we’re doing some songs live on radio next week and sort out the girls course session, come home, somehow print all the girls course files, play with my children, including a school run, get to Makro, get back from Makro, get Holly some passport photos and apply for a licence for her to be in A Christmas Carol, have some tea and be ready for whatever we’re doing in the evening to go and set up and hopefully sell things. I think I’m going to add times to my Things To Do tomorrow. Ugh

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