Day 65: aaaaaaah squash

The title of today is appreciation of high juice. I’m normally a tea, coffee, water drinker… but for those ‘need a drink and energy’ moments high juice is a good alternative to the lucozade I could have done with tonight. Although I’ve been rushing around for 12 hours solid today at work its been a good day and I’m glad its a day off tomorrow! I’m just in from a gig so my photo is gig clothes but today I wore my checky brown shirt which I actually put on yesterday … but when Beth arrived in practically the same thing I got changed before our girls course rather than turning up to meet the new girls dressed identically… doesnt really work when your session is individuality! So yesterday I wore my green going out dress … and was ready already for going out for mums birthday.
Not having a second car has been a nightmare today. Joel needed the car to go out tonight as he was going quite far away but that left Beth and I with no car to get to a gig. Yesterday we’d worked out how we’d get the schools packs and some of the merchandise there on the bus but then when we realised we also were going to have to carry a minidisk player too. The idea of getting a tram and a bus home from town on a friday night carrying a bag of merchandise and a minidisk player didn’t really appeal but we were a bit stuck for solutions. Thankfully one of our lovely trustees stepped in today and came out with his lovely wife to come and collect us. We had a great night, performed one of our brand new songs ‘really live’ for the very first time and it seemed to go down well I think!
I’m so glad its Saturday tomorrow, I want to spend the day with my kiddies and stay in my pjyamas as long as I possibly can … maybe till Sunday in fact.

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