Day 63: Earnings

So tomorrow I do something I get paid for! Yay. We start a new girls course tomorrow and then have another paid thing on Friday… I estimate I’ll have worked a 40 hour week by Friday… since Monday that is… and I’ll bring in a grand total of £40 for that! You have to laugh… ?! What does make me laugh is when we advertise that some of our merchandise is fairly traded. It doesn’t have the label but in designing the GoldDigger T shirts I made sure we sourced ethical garments for printing and environmentally friendlier processes… Actually I am where the process lets us down- its me that doesn’t get paid fairly 😦
Today I’m wearing something borrowed and something blue, old and definately not new… This is the jumper Joel was wearing when I first fancied him… its a cosy blue hoody and since both children have been off school today a bit ill it seemed like a cosy hoody sort of a day… and it makes me feel nostalgic.



  1. haha thank you… I admire the challenge-and her discipline to do that! I couldn't do it myself – I think I'd go crazy with frustration by day 3! Its good to hear of other people doing difficult things along with me…helps me to feel more motivated!


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