Day 62: Update

Well.. the bank have removed their chosen £15.01 to punish me for borrowing off them… but hurray that its less than last month. My balance is…. £419.98 D
Today has been busy. This is Beth and me in our office. OOOH – apparently … so I have heard unofficially but not properly yet… we were awarded the grant we put in for office things. We’re sat in there at a borrowed table and there were 3 nice office chairs in there already. (They’re the cool big comfy swirly whirly ones) but we’ve nothing else. When one of us needs to print something we have to write it down and I have to take it home at the end of the day and print it ready for the next day… with this grant we can have a printer that stays there and shelves and a table and some desks! That’s what an office is! I feel a road trip to Ikea coming on… which is dangerous territory for anyone – let alone a spendaholic banned from clothes.


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