62: :(

Note to self – if I’m taking pictures to document what I’m wearing – I should really take them when I’m not this tired! Today is a hard stage. Realistically that is ridiculous as I’ve only got to not buy things – which I don’t normally do on your average Monday but I did go to the shops today and enjoyed looking at lots of shiny things but felt a bit sad… but that’s cos I’m feeling the deprivation… I just need to not think about it and keep focused on the overdraft. Realistically though I’m not earning much at all – if anything -this month – next month is better but I have to wait a while for that to come through… so its all a bit slow. Joel says there’ll be lots of times like this … which makes me feel slightly worse.
Zara quality is rubbish. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Everything I buy from Zara has holes in and falls to pieces – there is just no excuse for that. Today I wear 2 layered tops from Zara and they are both holey. I will NOT buy anything from Zara again. On a positive I’ve had a nice evening of tea, homemade cookies and big chat with Louise tonight … I’m so pleased she’s moved back to Sheffield – everyone should do that! And I made some nice new friends this weekend… who ate the cheesecake and have not died and had seconds!… and this week at work is somehow the busiest busiest week. We’ve got an exciting day tomorrow where we’re making some big decisions which I can’t talk about yet … but I’m always excited by big choices , strategy and new direction ideas, we’re getting our new tracks back to us and need to pull our performance together for Friday night and we seem to have billions of things to do as well as starting a new Girls Course this Thursday. I’m really looking forward to getting all set up ready to meet a brand new group of girls who’ll be total strangers but yet we know that we’ll know them really well by the end of the session! Thursday we also get to meet an MP who I think is coming there to see what we’re up to – another act like a grown up situation I feel – I need to not be so intimidated by people with posh titles! Might do a bit of googling her before she arrives!

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