Day 60: A proud moment

Off the point but had to share my proud moment. Haven’t yet tried it but I made a cheesecake! I had to do a waterbath in the oven and everything with a tin I knew was leaky and there was great potential to go wrong… I kept reading things about not letting the cheese split so when I got up this morning to assess what I had left in the fridge overnight I wondered what a cheese splitted cheesecake would look like – so I googled it and it turns out – from articles and articles of troubleshooting with a cheesecake – mine actually looks like a good one!

Deciding what to wear today was a bit stressful. The realisation has hit me that I’ve got the rest of a year with what is left and anything I choose to wear today means I may not be able to wear it again. I’m mentally trying to find days where I can get away with staying in all day so that I can wear my ropier things! I’ll be fine when I’m about half way in but thinking an outfit only has one chance is a tough thought 3 days in! Today I’ve got a school fair, a class party, housework and meeting new people tonight as Joel’s bringing some friends of his who have been speaking at the South Yorkshire Youthwork conference back for tea (who hopefully like cheesecake) so I could almost get away with a fancy dress option other than the meeting new people part!

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