Day 58: Anti-climax

I was so exited about todays post – I have just embarked on another massive challenge to add to the massive challenge that I am already on and have loads to say as well as a nice picture I took in the office today of what I have decided to wear part of the challenge to to see how long my clothes last if I wear something different every day. However I left my laptop in the office with my picture and this brrowed one is about to turn off 😦

Most people so far think I am crazy and don’t think I’ll do it or don’t think I should do it.
I’m looking forward to tomorrows post and I’m excited about what I’m doing!
Also I’ve suceeded in not buying any clothes today!


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  1. i can't understand why people would say you shouldn't do it? i mean surely its always good to challenge yourself, and it's not like it is a bad thing to do and it could do you any harm, so why isn't everyone like yeah give it a go and see rather than oh no don't do that. i find it quite a strange response. I completely believe in you Mand and that you will be able to do it cos i know you are a very strong willed lady, so ignore those cynics who say you will fail. Even if you did fail its not a reason to not do it is it? i don't think you should ever not do something incase you don't manage to succeed that would be a very sad life to lead… well done on day 1 of no buying πŸ™‚ Cx


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