Day 56: I am old mother hubbard

I am feeling a little more anxious about this month… its only the 6th and for some reason half our food budget is gone already and the fridge and cupboards are not looking that well stocked. So back to a few creative meal ideas and I might need God to do that thing he did for that widow Elijah stayed with and making her supply of olive oil and flour never run out so she could always make bread – we have an Elijah here so we’re part way there. I heard of a couple recently at St Toms Church, not sure who, but they’d been struggling with their money and just didn’t have enough. They felt God speak to them and say ‘Dont fill up with petrol until I tell you too’ and have been driving round on that same tank for 8 months now! Thats amazing!
So I’m still pushing on with the overdraft. I’m cutting back still wherever possible and the only thing is that I’d like our presents budget to go up – thats our budget for treating people, giving and generally being kind – I never want to aim to be more stingy – even though I think bargain hunting for class presents for the hundreds of children’s parties is very much a necessity!
So today I’ve put a child tax credit across so my total is now £461.18 D woop woop – we have gone over the £500 hill!

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