Day 54: The ebay monster

My lounge is now out of control. Posting things to sell on ebay for some reason just takes ages. That’s why I still have half a lounge full of stuff and a double buggy which has been outside in the garden for nearly a week now and I haven’t put anything on for about 3 weeks now. Why not lazy girl? What I would have is 1. a tidy house 2. much more space 3. more money. Simple.
This week is the week. Challenge set.

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  1. i know it is so hard to get going with it isn't it, i have about 6 items left to list and i don't know why it seems to take sooo much discipline and motivation to get started taking the photos cos when i do it it is never that bad, but still every time i do it i have the same aversion to it!
    by the way a good site is photobucket, where you can upload your photos and then in the description section on your ebay listing you can click html and copy loads of photos in there and it means you dont have to pay for the photos and things sell for more cos they get loads of photos to look at.


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