Day 52: Have that!

So a good £25 today from my Quidco account – if you don’t know quidco but do any online shopping google it and use it and you can have news just like my £25 news! That £25 was just because I linked to Virgin buy my phone from the quidco website. The cookies get tracked (an internet term for something… not a biscuit muncher) and money of various percentages is credited to your account – eg. tesco, asda, all saints, topman, loads of insurance places – nice one!

Little Boots news … I now am the proud owner of just 1 Little Boots CD. I took one back to Sainsburys and gave one to charity (the charity known as Beth who has moved to work for GoldDigger and is currently, like me, paid for aprox 2% of her work time – but still has rent to pay – so she can enjoy one – its really really good apart from a bizarre Kate Nash impression as a hidden track which makes me a bit uncomfortable – otherwise brilliant!

I’m still thinking about the clothes fast. I asked Joel today what he thought… which I was a bit scared of doing incase he said ‘definately- you must do that’ but he also pointed out that I’d be missing the point if I was expecting 6 months worth of clothes for Christmas to make up for it.

So thanks to quidco my new overdraft total is… £518.06 D 😀 so close to the 2/3rds mark!


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