Day 50: Update

Big whoop for 50 days of blogging – and pay day today too! Which means I get to rummage around the bank accounts for any spares and have managed to find a few quid for a new total.
So …. £543.06 D and 3 Little Boots CDs! (haha thanks to my lovely generous friends I now can open a Little Boots shop)
A bit of a disappointing total – feels like I managed to pay loads off before and its slowed down a bit… but the next few months we’ve got some good bookings coming in… and any paid work I get can go strait into that… so, anyone want to run and event and book a band ?-get in touch! Or have some girls who need a bit of an 8 week girls course on self esteem, sex and relationships? or a PSHE day, or a primary or secondary school roadshow for that matter…? Those are all first choice of a a service I love being part of and totally believe in, however, if my total doesn’t change soon I’ll be extending that list to include- dancing clown for a kids party? clean your toilet? occasion carrot cakes? annoying jingle for your company? need a satsuma peeling? we could google things for you or update your facebook for a fee?!


  1. i could ask my mum if they have any funding for anything. what could you do in a primary school- let me know what the outline would be and i can ask her..


  2. yeah i am going to my parents on sunday for lunch, so if you are passing you can stick one through their door or post it to my parents address today and i can chat to her about it on sunday- 62 stumperlowe cres road, fulwood, sheff, s10 3pr


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