Day 48: Failed :(

Well I say failed… but I succeeded in lasting a whole month. I bought the Little Boots album today and a dress. Well after checking amazon again I noticed that it had gone up by a quid – this waiting around doesn’t always pay off then. So it was £5.99 (this time I went to Sainsbury’s for baking ingredients as Holly was having a friend over for tea… so a ‘treats’ trip rather than ‘grocery’ trip – I’m completely justified in fitting it in the ‘treats’ theme)…and we’re pretty near to pay day now… so the tires may have to wait a few weeks but the album is good. And the dress is pretty and white…I did put a white dress on my wish list yesterday so its been on overnight… and its for gig wear… to go with a black blazer…which I need to add to my wish list. 😀 what? You can’t read that? Nevermind… nothing to worry about 😀


  1. Naughty Mandy, naughty naughty naughty….i was thinking of challenging you to a 6 months clothes fast, i know you are screaming NO at the screen as you read this but i dare you. Now that you have bought a dress i think you have had a clothes fix, and thats 2 dresses in the time you have been blogging, go on do it. I have done 6 months twice and kind of a no money no clothes fast for nearly 2 yrs unless someone bought me something and its actually suprisingly freeing to be creative with what you have- which you would be much better at than me, and you find things in your wardrobe you'd forgotten about and your mind set really changes when you know clothes and current fashion trends are not an option so its not as tempting. I do honestly think it would be REALLY good for your clothes weakness, what do you reck?


  2. You said you wanted challenging, i'm just doing as you asked:) Remember it is not your money you are spending on clothes it is the banks. Do you really NEED anymore clothes for the next 6 months Mand, i think you have more coats/jackets than anyone i know! I think you need to give some good reasons why not if you REALLY do want challenging on your spending and do want to get of debt quickly. I do love you though 🙂 I bet you wish i hadn't worked out how to comment now!


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