Day 47: The Wish List update

I so very nearly lost it yesterday… a trip to Topshop nearly had me maxed out to the end of my overdraft again… all that hard work down the drain. Sometimes Topshop do this thing where they bring out SO MANY AMAZING THINGS… and its like a dream world! But I unbelievably kept it together. I tried loads on and I have my eye on a few things… mainly for stagey wear – which I have to always keep an eye out for … but I didn’t even buy one thing! I also tried on a red duffle coat that I have been wanting since last Christmas (and forgot to put on my wish list) and though I liked it 0n trying it on made me realise I am a person capable of living without a red duffle coat -even if I would like to play at being little red riding hood.
Deciding that I didn’t need that coat in my life made me realise too how long my wish list has lasted. I still really want the Little Boots CD and I still haven’t bought it even though its only £4.98 from Amazon… that is such a breakthrough for me- that’s been on my list for … what is it … probably a month (that doesn’t sound as long as it feels 😦 )
So my wish list is still…
1. I would like and quite need a digital SLR camera. This is still the truth.
2. We aparently need new back wheel tyres on the car – not my first choice of exciting things to save for but if it becomes a legal thing we may need to fit that in pre-overdraft says the sensible voice of my husband- oh and to pay Joels brother back for the tax. What a boring thing to have on my list – Joel should start his own list and he can have this… but we may be able to afford this at the end of this month.
3. The Little Boots album Nearly sneaked it in my grocery shop yesterday but was 5.99 – its cheaper from Amazon and ‘strictly speaking its not a grocery’ bla bla. Add to this – and Pixie Lotts album… and wardrobe… and legs if I would inherit lots of those short shorts.
4. Some new boots this winter oooh yeah and my coat should have made it on here too but I could have crossed that off – a victory over ‘the want’.
5. A new pillow. Joel brought one home that was hanging around his office after someone never claimed it after a youth camp… yes I thought it was minging too to bring someone elses pillow home but its so comfy and now we fight over it – I only get it if I’m ill as a treat. I’d like another one of those. (We do have other pillows we can use in the meantime-that kind of sounds as though theres only one in our whole house) Joel impulse bought new pillows – honestly – no self control!
6. An extension and the land at the side of our house with a brand new shiny amazing kitchen that makes cooking tea every night enjoyable – (This will happen when Joel’s book is published and wins that Richard and Judy bookclub reccommendation and we get rich with royalties. He hasn’t finished it yet but he’ll deserve many royalties when he has… he is such a brilliant writer and I’m extremely amazed at his creativity.) We have new council info on this and though it all just feels like a big game and a dreamworld plan- people who are sensible are advising us to do it!
7. A trip to America. Joel’s best man Nick – who lives in a tree in lake Tahoe is getting married next year and has asked Joel to be his best man… so at very least Joel needs to get a flight to America and preferably back… we have £100 for this already but have no idea how much it will be… a lot of Tesco clubcard airmiles probably. Ah – this is still going to happen but we have £1 now towards it!
8. A custom designed rag doll from an Etsy seller who makes a doll that looks like Holly. Can do without…?
9. A bag/purse I saw from accessorize that I fought so hard to resist and so far have won the battle but it is so nice and a really pretty necklace. aaah it was so nice… there’s still a deep love there.
10. Add me in a blue sequined dress from Topshop and a white dress I haven’t quite discovered yet.
11. Need some GHDs – mine died 2 years ago and replaced with Tesco ones. They are trying to disguise themselves as GHDs with that black and brown colour scheme but they don’t fool my hair.


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