Day 46: Tinkerbell for free

How cool is this! (which stands for very important families) is dead nice! I was actually quite pleased when Hollys play date for today cancelled. Its a bit sad to cart her off to someones house for the afternoon when she seems to be out far too often busy with school already. Its nice to spend a Saturday with the whole family… one child missing is just not the same. So this morning at 10am we were sat on Disney day, chance of winning a raffle (disney on ice tickets) and in Cineworld with our sneaked in jelly babies ready to watch Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure. Our tickets, (which now as a family would normally cost about £15 – which explains why we have been to the cinema as a family once -Kung Fu Panda and once only) were completely free! You have to have 1 adult in your group and one child under 12 and you can get a whole group of tickets. There’s a choice of 3 kids films and I think they’re all Saturdays at 10. It was really nice to go out together for pretty much nothing and Tinkebell and the Lost Treasure goes on my recommended list for people ho love twinkles, fairies, pretty lights and adventure stories!

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