Day 44: The gym debate

This debate has been going on in my head for about a yeah and a half now. It feels as though there are 2 big teams of little people in my head with rally signs all protesting from their point of view. They’re all very good at putting their point across and because its been so difficult to decide who’s side I’m on I’ve just tried not to listen to any of them.
One one team are doctors, quite a few of my friends, the staff in their red sales coats, Gill the lovely body conditioning gym instructor and a virtual version of myself who loves going to the gym just to run and set goals, swim and climb the climbing wall without freaking out 3/4 of the way up. On the other team is my bank account, my sofa, a cleaner home, maybe a trip to the hairdressers or a new red duffle coat for Christmas.
I joined the gym 3 years ago. I’d been desperate to join the whole time I was pregnant with Elijah and used to pay to use it for GoldDigger workouts and practices. I held off joining till after the birth part and then used my membership loads. GoldDigger was in very early stages and we always have and still do put loads of our own money in to things the project needs. Using the gym was great for us as we could meet and plan in the cafe and use the studio to practice. It was expensive for us but we couldn’t have done without it. Plus as I was using it a lot it was serving the purpose of paying the membership fee. Joel then joined and the children and now we’re all members. Realistically now I don’t get enough time to use it, the children hardly ever have time and as much as I love the facility I really think its time to quit. Monthly for the whole family to go we’re spending £100 – which we justified at the time by saying that it would be our lifestyle choice – that we’d spend the weekends there, using the pool, the children’s club etc. but its not ever what we really feel like doing on a Saturday. I’m only allowed to quit at the end of this month… so I know I need to decide one way or another… I wish I loved it and used it – and when I go I do – but I think I need to decide that when I’m paid a salary for my job I’ll join again… until then I’ll have a red duffle coat… I mean … I’ll pay off my overdraft so much quicker… but I feel a bit sad 😦
and realistically part of the fear is the ‘I’m leaving’ phone call- breaking up with mobile phone companies or gyms is one of the biggest emotional trials life can throw at you- don’t know if I’ll manage to get through it.


  1. Yey Mand, do it. Just think of £1200 a year saving and that should spur you on to do it, its a lot of money anyway but even more so if you are not using it. You overdraft is cleared and your credit card just like that. Don't feel sad, feel very very happy! i was so excited that i had to work out how to make a comment finally


  2. Yay me too! You did it! Yeah… I knew I needed to work out how much it would save… and its a great lifestyle thing to be able to take the kids swimming somewhere really nice and let them play and do activities and bouncy castle while I do a work out – but I can always go back to that when debt is gone and I'm salaried!


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