Day 43: eeeek!

23rd today and a £30 balance! there’s child benefit due in… but a few payments out to go… will we/wont we make it?!! I’ve managed to put off the shop too – its been fun and a bit weird. Having run out of bread and not having time to make any for lunch I made a big pesto pasta for me and Elijah. So when it got to tea time tonight and our quality family time together – there was nothing I could think of to create out of what is now a very bizarre collection of food. Holly and Joel had some of the pesto pasta and I packed up the rest for tomorrows lunches… Elijah had the bit of bread that was left for a peanut butter and WOPO jam sandwich (which is the name he gave to our homemade jam). I had 2 brazil nuts and a cup of tea! 😐 (I wasnt very hungry anyway)
More bizarrely than that we actually spent the whole of that family ‘meal time’ discussing the possibility of buying the land next to our house and what we would build on it. There are loads of risks and possibles and maybe it’ll be better, maybe it’ll make us money in the long run, maybe it wont but we’ll have a nice kitchen and a better home, is that worth it?, bidding games with the council, land could be worth 1500, could be worth 15000… so much to think about!! I spent the whole of my brazil nut and tea meal planning out a new kitchen design!

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