Day 40: Saving for Christmas

Ok so its the hard part of the month now … 20th – so still 10 days till payday and Ā£132 in the bank… should be ok … I’m trying to put off doing a big shop and making use of things like cans of split peas and tofu from the back of the cupboard… which is a good thing I suppose so they don’t just hang around using up my cupboard space for a few more years. Child benefit in 5 days actually which will make life easier… I also need to find as much as I can to get tickets now to see A Christmas Carol – the expensive stalls seats are the ones I am going for to get as close as is possible since we are the proud parents of one of the ‘children extras’!! The Northern Ballet normally use children from Holly’s dance school when they do Sheffield performances and Holly has been picked as one of the 10! Between Joel, my mum and I we’ll have to chaperon her every performance – which will be exciting to get to see behind the scenes of the production which is supposed to be amazing and has almost sold out already!… but we want seats out front one night too! Anyway…she’ll be paid something like a fiver – so that’ll offset it by about 3% and we’re so so excited for her…

as well as hoping she doesn’t get scared by this guy… (I am)



  1. I want a ticket… please. But i'm totally in šŸ™‚ wouldn't miss it for the world šŸ™‚

    (beth… for some reason mand… i'm posting as you!!! weird!)


  2. thats so confusing! was that you Beth? Haha – I think cos you logged in for the GD website analytics! Its 10-14th Nov… which is a bit early for Christmas plays I think! Mandy (actually is Mandy)


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