Day 35: Totally lost it, man

So it sold… £10.50 – my estimation was right and I’m very happy with that – and along with a few other things I have about £25 to transfer over 😀
I realised yesterday I have changed. I was surprised actually. You see, I’m still not feeling quite better. Joel had a bug last week and he doesn’t seem totally better yet… but better than me. I keep thinking its swine flu – but I’ve thought that every time I’ve sneezed since swine flu landed so I’m sure its not but I definitely don’t know this sort of bug… I’m ok ish to get up and do things -I managed to spend the morning yesterday recording the demos for the new GoldDigger songs but I had woken up with that same feeling of my head and neck being made of rock. Its really weird! By yesterday afternoon I was feeling really dizzy. I had to carry on with the day – I can’t leave the children at school overnight so I had to get on with my collectings and such. Thankfully Elijah fell asleep in his lunch after nursery so I could chill with loose women and a coffee while he slept next to me on the sofa. (He woke up in the middle of 60 minute makeover – but he loves that- so we watched it together) At collecting Holly time I had a total sense of ‘right- sack it’ness, like when you think – ‘I’m having a day off and I don’t care about the consequences. Meal plan- shmeal plan’. (I was very rebellious) So I took my children down to the coop – without checking the budget. I let them choose sweets, I chose a BOX of maltesers for a whole pound and I bought fish and oven chips for tea. I nearly bought a can of mushy peas but a sneaky bit of resourcefulness crept in from somewhere and reminded me there were frozen peas in the freezer that would do really. My rebellious, throwing caution to the wind, careless shopping spree of unplanned – off the meal plan tea and extra sweets came to £7.14. (I have REALLY changed)

The aftermath of my disorderly day still needs sorting through, sums need to be made and hopefully later today I will be able to post a new update. I’m sorry I’ve let you all down and the meal plan will be resumed today- (although I will have to somewhere make room to incorporate some extra oven chips and 1 fish)


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