Day 32: Watching my listings

Today is an ill day. Yesterday was an ill day too and I thought I’d feel better by now. I ate some tea last night and felt worse than ever so went upstairs and ended up sleeping in all my clothes. This morning I am starting to come around but my whole upper-body feels as though it has turned into stone. I can’t stand up well – probably because my head made of stone is to heavy for my legs to support. I really ache.
But a cup of tea has arrived and I’m feeling better enough now to appreciate the wonder of the creation of tea – God did an amazing thing there!

So the other thing I can do while I’m bed/sofa restricted is keep an eye on all my ebay things… what I had forgotten when I got excited about the free listing 10 days at the end of August, was that 99p listings are free all the time anyway… so so long as you’re not too bothered what you get for what you’re selling then its worth doing. It may take a whole night to load up about 12 items… which is the annoying part… but you can visit the post office website to work out your postage costs and get them right if you can fit whatever you’re selling on your kitchen scales! Since I’m working my way through loads of clothes the children have grown out of its basically either charity bag or ebay and if ebay is free I may as well give it a go (and deprive those charity shops – I suppose is the downside of that 😦 oh – but as a charity minded person I know in the long run I can be a better support to charities when I’m not swamped in bank charges myself I also suppose) So now I still have half a lounge taken up with bags and bags – so its a blessing to sell something even if only for 99p and its a little dent in my mess!
At the moment I’ve one item selling that I’m quite enjoying watching the activity around. Its a coat … was a gift to us and its a nice one but its an occasion coat so not one that would get loads of wear from a child as how many posh occasions does a child go to before they grow into the next size. So to us it was completely free, from someone who found it very well reduced in a sale. There are a few of them on sale and one of the next size up just got sold for £27.00 (I’m watching all the others as an interesting geekish activity) There’s another one exactly the same as mine which ends a day earlier – no bids but has a higher starting price. I’ve just got my fist bid for my 99p starting price but am up to 14 watchers and I’ve had about 10 enquirys about buy it now, international postage etc. so I’m interested to see what that’ll make me. Its also a horrid dilema for those watchers – do they risk leaving the first one in the hope they can get this one for less – but then this one might end up more and they should have gone for the earlier one… oooh ebay – it should count as a brain training activity – its such a science! Alas there are 2 and a half days left till it ends so I’ll have to curb my obsessive watching activity – still better than ebay obsessive buying activity!
(the boot isn’t an ebay listing. If I owned that boot I would NEVER sell it. But I wish I could see it on ebay and buy it. I think its amazing – but its a lot and from Topshop)



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