Day 30: When you find the perfect pair of jeans buy them… from Ebay

When I was 14 I went for the first time to a Christian Summer camp called Soul Survivor. There was a guy preaching there every morning meeting called J John. He was great and when he made a good point he’d make us say it about 50 times so we’d remember it. I liked this one… ‘Use it up, wear it out. Make it do – or do without’ Its a great little rhyme to help you think resourcefully. I love my blue skinny jeans. I have had them for 2 years and 2 months and have worn them probably 90% of the days within that. I got them the first time we went to the top shop style adviser sessions and they were well recommended. Since becoming a mum jeans don’t seem to last as long as they used to… somehow crawling around on the floor all the time takes its toll and a sad thing has happened to my lovely jeans.
Exhibit A

These are ‘used up and worn out’, I would make them do but unfortunately the holes are starting to happen elsewhere and I’m not really into showing my pants or reconstructing Christina Aguilera trousers from her ‘Dirty’ video. They are also not great to wear on days where the old fake tan has had a blotchy disaster- they act as more of a frame for ‘orange knee’. So…’Make it do’? – I’ve tried to the end of trying … and ‘do without’? well… 😦 But the great thing is, knowing your measurements and the name of your favorite jeans means … EBAY! So normally £45, I managed to spend 9.99 of my paypal ebay earnings to get me…
Exhibit B

Yay! (I got grey ones for a change!)

Other news… BRILLIANT my cheque has cleared and so has another paypal payment from some more ebay sales… £150 and £18.22 taking me to…..(drumroll)……………..£699.95 D very good news 😀



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